Makena Care Connection®

Makena Auto-Injector offers personalized patient support through Makena Care Connection

Makena Care Connection offers support that helps make filling prescriptions easier, addresses your patients’ financial concerns, and helps patients proactively navigate known barriers to therapy. A dedicated Makena Care Connection Care Manager will be assigned to assist your office and your patients to ensure tailored support throughout their pregnancy journey. Makena Care Connection also offers translation services for moms in more than 240 languages.

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prescription iconRx Support

Each woman is unique, and so are her insurance benefits. Because timely access is so important to your practice, we’ll aid in processing prescriptions, verifying insurance coverage, and obtaining prior authorizations (when applicable) to help your patients get their Makena prescriptions on time.

ePrescribe Makena

Complete and submit prescriptions electronically, direct to Makena Care Connection.

ePrescribe Makena

Makena Prescription Form

Downloadable form used to prescribe Makena. Information may be typed or written and submitted via fax to Makena Care Connection. If you prefer your patients receive branded Makena and support from Makena Care Connection, it is recommended that you complete the Dispense As Written/Do Not Substitute line per your state regulations, located in Step 6 of the Makena Prescription Form.


Makena Authorization for Release of Personal Health Information Form

The HIPAA release authorization allows Makena Care Connection to communicate with the healthcare provider, insurer, and specialty pharmacy on the patient’s behalf.

If the patient is not present at the time the prescription is completed, she can complete this form separately and the office or the patient can fax it to Makena Care Connection. Patients can complete the form electronically by visiting

Note: this form does not need to be completed if the patient has already signed Step 2 (Patient Authorization) of the Makena Prescription Form.

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“Having the personalized support from the Makena Care Connection helped me feel like I had someone there to support me throughout my experience.”

—Sarah, mom of a 34-week preemie

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prescription iconFinancial Assistance

AMAG Pharmaceuticals is committed to ensuring affordable access to Makena.

Copay Assistance*: Commercially insured patients whose health plan covers Makena Auto-Injector

Most pay no more than $35 per injection
  • Based on a sliding scale from $0-$35/injection
  • Maximum company contribution of $5,000

Patient Assistance Program: Uninsured and commercially underinsured patients

  • Eligible moms may receive a full course of therapy at no cost

Each patient’s eligibility is evaluated on an individual basis. To be eligible, patients must meet the FDA-approved indication for Makena. In compliance with federal regulations, patients insured by a government-funded program (Medicaid, TRICARE, etc) are not eligible. These programs and any assistance provided may be discontinued or modified at any time based on eligibility, state and local laws, and program availability.

*Financial assistance applies to the patient’s copay, coinsurance, or deductible for patients receiving Makena Auto-Injector. AMAG contributions against patient deductible and/or out-of-pocket maximums are subject to possible health plan restrictions. AMAG Pharmaceuticals will help lower the out-of-pocket cost each month, providing up to $5,000 in financial assistance, or until therapy is completed, whichever comes first. The cost per injection is based on the household income with no upper-level income caps. Enrollment into the program cannot be retroactive.

Restrictions apply. Patient must be at or below 500% federal poverty level based on residency to participate in patient assistance program.

Contact Makena Care Connection for full program details.

“I was so happy that I was approved for financial assistance. I feel very thankful that my family and I had this opportunity with the Makena Care Connection.”

—Nalleli, mom of a 36-week preemie

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prescription iconHome Injections By Healthcare Professionals

Moms prescribed Makena can choose to receive their injections by a healthcare professional in the comfort of their home or another location that’s convenient for them, if covered by their insurance. We’ll investigate the patient’s coverage for home healthcare administration of therapy and if approved, coordinate with the payer-preferred organization on her behalf.

Benefits may include:

  • Supporting adherence with weekly injections (every 7 days)
  • Addressing logistical barriers for patients
  • Simplifying scheduling challenges for your office

prescription iconEducation & Adherence

We understand that moms receiving Makena injections may need some encouragement and support in order to stick to their weekly injection schedule, and we want to help. This support is provided at no cost to the patient and offers educational and adherence support to encourage women to make Makena part of their pregnancy and take an active role in their health.

A level of personalized support you and your patients can expect:

  • Calls on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis to support weekly therapy
  • Injection reminders via text message
  • Educational materials to address topics during pregnancy
  • Encouragement so your patients can take an active role in their health

“Knowing my Care Manager was just a phone call away gave me peace of mind. I appreciated feeling like I had someone supporting me every step of the way.”

—Shanise, mom of a 22-week preemie

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