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The Makena you know — ready to go

Designed for ease of use, the FDA‑approved Makena subcutaneous auto‑injector is:

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  • Pre‑filled auto-injector that is ready to use out of the box
  • Administered in ~15 seconds
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  • Shorter, thinner, nonvisible needle
  • Administered in the back of the upper arm—no need for patients to disrobe
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  • Protective needle guard to help minimize accidental needle‑sticks
  • Appointment flexibility—no need for private exam rooms
Auto-Injector Intramuscular
Why Makena Auto-Injector?1
Auto-Injector Intramuscular
Active ingredient Hydroxyprogesterone caproate Hydroxyprogesterone caproate
Concentration 250 mg/mL 250 mg/mL
Dose 275 mg (1.1 mL) 250 mg (1 mL)
Delivery Single-use, pre-filled disposable auto-injector Traditional needle and syringe
Administration Subcutaneous (SQ) via healthcare provider Intramuscular (IM) via healthcare provider
Injection location

Subcutaneous auto-injector icon

Back of upper arm

Intramuscular injection option for Makena

Upper-outer quadrant of the gluteus maximus
Injection duration ~15 seconds One minute or longer
Needle size Fine 27-gauge, 0.5″ SQ needle 21-gauge, 1.5″ IM needle
Administration Friendly No need for private exam room or for patient to disrobe Below the waist injection

Establishing best practices

Proper injection technique for Makena subcutaneous auto-injector.
Makena Auto-Injector is HCP administered. This easy-to-follow instructional video reviews the proper technique for administering Makena for subcutaneous use. Please see Instructions for Use before administering Makena using the subcutaneous auto‑injector.

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Makena Auto-Injector offers support via Makena Care Connection®. Help ensure your patients receive Makena plus personalized support with these three steps:


per state laws on the Makena Prescription Form and submit to Makena Care Connection


the importance of drug + support provided only by Makena with your patients


in your prescribing decision to help ensure patients receive Makena + support when pharmacists ask about generic substitution

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